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SoundCloud Alternatives

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SoundCloud is an online audio platform that lets people share their sounds, both audio recordings and live audio streams, with others. Users can upload, edit, and share audio on SoundCloud, as well as comment on, like, or share it with others. The site can be accessed by mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

But if for some reason this app doesn't satisfy you, you can choose from the list of similar apps below.


Mixcloud is a music streaming service that allows users to stream their favorite music directly to their desktop or mobile device. It is ad-supported, but it also offers a premium version for $10/month. The premium version removes ads and gives users access to higher-quality audio.


Spotify is one of the best alternatives for SoundCloud. It provides a huge number of tracks and artists. You can listen to music for free with ads. But Spotify Premium is a paid service. For $9.99 per month, you can listen to music ad-free and offline. Also, you can create your own playlist and share it with your family and friends.

Spotify and SoundCloud both support a wide range of music and artists. You can listen to music with Spotify on your smartphone or computer. It also supports other devices like smart TVs, game consoles, and more. But, you can listen to music on your smartphone, tablet, or PC for free. To listen to music on other devices, you should sign up for Spotify Premium.


YouTube is one of the best place to watch music videos on the internet. You can watch music videos from your favorite artists, discover new artists, and re-watch your favorite music videos. It also offers music streaming so artists can share their music with the world.

The only problem with YouTube is that it doesn’t allow users to listen to music in the background for free. You have to watch the music video or any music video that you want to listen to. Or pay for a premium YouTube subscription.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is currently the best music streaming service for people who love to shop online. It offers 75 million songs for streaming and downloading. It is also integrated into the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Music has a huge collection of music and it is integrated into Amazon Echo. It is the best SoundCloud alternative for people who love shopping online.


Deezer is another fantastic alternative for SoundCloud. It provides a huge number of tracks and artists. The user interface of Deezer is very simple, so it’s very easy to use. You can listen to music with Deezer on your smartphone or computer. You can even listen to music with Deezer on your smart TV or game console.

Deezer also gives you an ad-free experience. But you need to subscribe to its paid service. The monthly subscription fee of Deezer is $9.99. You can also sign up for the annual subscription of Deezer.